Save the Cobra? Your feedback is needed

With the latest changes, we decide to make FEZ Cobra an on demand item instead of being always in stock. But it seem that many of you were not very happy about this. So can you please tell us if you want to see it back as a stock item? Please also tell us which version did you want to use? ECO, NET or WiFi?

I will take the replies to this thread and discuss with the team at GHI.

I think part of the “challenge” is that you have ECO, NET, and WiFi options. That way, you have to have 3 in stock to cover any random request. If you save it, save the ECO and let people add ENC28’s or Wifi module if they want

WiFi w/ Ext antenna, so 4 of them not 3 :slight_smile:

Excellent idea Brett. The other boards can still be available on demand but ECO is stock, which can be turned into NET or WiFi by adding the modules. But lets see what others think.

I would very appreciate to see at least ECO back. My second choice would go for NET.

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@ Gus - thanks for listening to your customers!

The problem with gadgeteer for customer prototyping is the immense amount of modules you end up with. No matter how much care you put into nice mounting plate etc it looks really messy. With the Cobra board with the extender, you have a nice starting point with “most basics” I end up adding anyway. I always have RTC-battery, usbDP, SD-card and some kind of network on my prototypes.

Hmm, I would go for the ECO version, which is the starting point, and then think about adding some more sockets in the space where the wifi-module is sitting to add networking etc. - on the other hand, then its not the Cobra II anyway.

Maybe even consider adding the RTC-battery holder on the mainboard when you are at it…

Thanks again!

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@ Gus - I also want to thank you for listening to our feedback!

I’m not a commercial user, and I don’t buy many boards, but as a hobbyist looking for a compact solution, I love the Cobra II. Personally, I would prefer the Net version, but the WiFi version would be okay too.

Why do you guys change your product line so often?
I started on a FEZ Domino, migrated to FEZ Panda II, and just recently migrated to FEZ Cobra. Now the FEZ Cobra is going away? I am spending too much time following your constant changes! I am bailing on GHI and moving to Arduino…

@ Gus -thank you for considering the customers

My choice would be to save the Eco and WiFi versions. My reason is the Eco is the best prototyping tool I have found and the WiFi being the perfect turnkey “internet of things” device the GHI manufactures and it needs to be marketed so. Also would like the extender board back too.;D

A suggestion for the future, is maybe create different breakout boards like the G400HDR that does what the Eco and WiFi. That would give flexibility, for as project you would buy the SoM modules and breakout boards to match. I am assuming that the breakout boards are easier and cheaper to manufacture that module/board all together. Just my 2 cents.

Funny, we are trying to get discontinued boards back, while Mouser lists them “New at Mouser” :slight_smile:

I vote for ECO. The cheaper, the better.

Hi Gus- Thanks for starting the revival. I definitely think its the best board - I however want the wired Ethernet version…but would accept eco with an extra extender plug for Ethernet if we are wanting to do the cheapest option.

What is GHI promoting as replacing the cobra2 ? Also from my perspective , I agree with the previous poster that life span and continuity is critical. I would love to see published life spans on at least a few boards so we can make informed decisions. I really do think this will help your business to foster long term customers. As techie’s we love to bring out new stuff all the time but as consumers we want stability and consistency of supply.

Thanks for given us the opportunity to voice our opinion - I guess the upside is you are seeing there are quite a few passionate customers :slight_smile:


I’m using the NET variant.

But potentially a G120 HDR + some out of the box Gadgeteer extender for G120 HDR + the Modules (ENC28, SD, …) would do the same.
In fact it shouldn’t be more expensive than Cobra II, and a HDR-Through-Hole to Gadgeteer Extender is not available.

Also a Spider II + Modules would work, if it was available and does not cost more than Cobra II

But both alternatives are not available (at the moment at least)

I have used (and still use) both the G120HDR and the Cobra II (Wi-Fi) but i like the Cobra more because it just needs power and there are 3 wired sockets available.
For the G120HDR you need to get the solder iron every time.

I prefer ECO and LAN.

The WiFi will be preferred if the cost is brought down. That means GHI needs to seriously look for lower cost WiFi modules, which are becoming recently more readily available.

I vote also for ECO and LAN.
But I think that a G400S based (Cobra III) With power supply and Builtin NET would be interesting …

Thanks for your feedback, here it is just like you ordered :slight_smile:

Another vote for the LAN version. WiFi is easy to add as a module. Save some money and just bring back the original Cobra and Panda 2 :slight_smile: