Save Persistent Data without SD or USB


I am pretty new to gadgeteer and I am just starting my first project. I am playing around with a Spider II but I am struggling to find some way of storing settings persistently on to the device. I don’t want to use a USB stick or SD card because I really only need to store a hundred bytes of data (if that).

I have done a lot of hunting online but can’t seem to come up with a concrete way of accomplishing this. Right now I am thinking that it isn’t possible but then I find documents that make mention of a class called InternalFlashStorage. I am using NETMF 4.3 and the latest Gadgeteer API but I see no reference to this class. Maybe I am missing a Code Library or maybe it is deprecated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even a point in the right direction would be quite valuable. Thanks in advance.

@ NicholasR - welcome to forum.

This is a frequently asked question.

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@ Mike - This looks great! I’m perplexed that I haven’t stumbled across that class yet. Much appreciated! :smiley: