Save file to fileshare

Hi Folks,

I am trying to save a file in a fileshare. Any idea on how can I do that?

I am using a FEZ Spider and a Ethernet J11D, trying to access a fileshare at my machine, it is currently without authentication.

Marcelo Delpino

You will need to utilize the SMB protocol:

I don’t think there is a NETMF implementation. We do have some FTP client code available though.

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Yes I mean CIFS/SMB.
Is there any known implementation of it?

Thanks, I’ll check if we can use FTP at the final product.

@ DeLL - Here is the link for you (3 top results) in case you will end up going FTP round:

@ DeLL - The closest anyone came to developing a CIFS/SMB client is discussed in the forum topic:

My CIFS Client is generally working.
But only Plain-Text Autetification is supported so far (which was accepted by any Server I tried so far (Win 7, NAS, Samba 3.? on Linux)

I’ll see if I can upload it this weekend on Code share

The FTP Server which Comes with the Framework is a bit Buggy and instable.
I made a copy of it and now it runs stable (I need it to run 24/7), accepts more ‘dialects’ and is less buggy.
I thin I also improoved Performance here an there.
Oh and it fully supports in Memory files (is way faster than SD if you have spare RAM and your files does not have to survive a reboot :wink:

I can post my modified FTP on code share I think.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - That would be great for both codeshares!

Wow, that was fast :clap: