Satellite communication (non-GPS)

I think I have a project that I can work NETMF (andGHI :D) into at the office.

But in the future, it would be nice to be able to it where there are no towers.

The plan right now is very minimal data being sent via TCP and/or SMS messages, depending on where the device is located. Initially it would communicate to “home” via Cell and/or a Ethernet/WiFi module(s).

Does anyone know of a way to do messaging via satellite and a NETMF (or similar) device? Or is there another way to do this?


there was a “hacking SPOT” article a few weeks back on Sparkfun. Not the Microsoft.SPOT but the SPOT GPS personal tracking device.

That might be exactly what you want? The new Spot Connect might even be “open” enough to do what you want without having to revert to hacking over the serial port.

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Yeah SPOT satellite coms are not cheap. $100 a year for the service and 10 cents a message w each message being shorter than a text/tweet.

Thanks for the info.

Wow that’s quite expensive. Maybe we’ll stick with cell for a while :slight_smile:

If you have telco cell coverage, it’s not worth contemplating going against that. But if you’re in the middle of the outback, then you want something else :slight_smile: I have a mate with a SPOT, on a trip at the moment, here’s the link to their current location

If the Sparkfun tutorial had come out earlier we may have “supplemented” his device with a Fez. Maybe for the next trip.

@ Brett - apparently Google Street View isn’t available where he’s at. I couldn’t “spot” him :wink:

If you zoom out enough you get an idea - middle of nowhere, almost continental centre of Aus.