Samsung smart watch

I got a chance to play with one tonight and I must say I love it! I love how the camera is on the wrist band and the speaker is built into the lock. Very responsive with amazing contrast and brightness.

Still the price is too high and only work with specific phones! But the future will bring a lot of these watches for sure. I had it for 15 minutes and I feel like I need one!

Opinions on smart watches?

I like my pebble. Looking forward to get Agent watch.

I went off my pebble once they never really took anything forward for other platforms, and sold mine in it’s unopened box. Now waiting for my AGENT to arrive, and I have to say I’m really looking forward to it, although it’ll be strange after not having worn a watch for 10 or more years !

Smart wearable devices are going to be big, but where is the right target market for these is still in my view a little way off being known… plus it’s all changing rapidly. Will we need a smart watch when the phone goes smaller (unlike current trends of going bigger). Will we need a smart watch when other wearable devices can alert you to the same triggers? Will we need a smart watch when they learn how to interface directly into your neurosystem?

I love the miniaturisation that has gone on in a lot of these areas (look at the projectors in the CastAR kickstarter for example, awesome!!) and I can only see more options coming to the forefront of wearable tech because of this.

Its all a fad just like the Internet… :wink:

Personally, I have no desire for any of it. I’ve played with Google Glass and had enough after about 10 minutes. My ultimate goal has always been to get all my tech into as few devices as possible. Adding more devices only increases the expense and opportunities for failure. I still haven’t seen anything that has the potential to replace my phone. Its as private as I need it to be, it has a large (enough) screen, and has plenty of computer power. I’m still interested in seeing where we take the phone. I think there’s still a lot of untapped potential in that little box.

The only thing that would be better in my mind would be a computer that is directly connected to your brain that you see & communicate directly with without speech. I’m not sure I’d be signing up for that either… :wink:

I’ve go a Metawatch and I am interested in the Galaxy Gear but I want Samsung to release an SDK for it. There is nothing so far. I want to extend it’s capability and maybe add a little home automation to it. :slight_smile:

With the Metawatch I have been able to extend the main application to add extra notifications and widgets.

One thing I do like is the notifications as often I am somewhere that is too noisy or I don’t feel the phone vibrate. With the vibration on the watch I can feel and then glance to see what the notification is.

I also got fed up with SWMBO never picking up the phone that I offered to buy her a Pebble (she chose the white one) and now every time she is out, she wears it and loves the fact it alerts her to notifications when the phone is in her bag. :slight_smile:

Interesting the new out today, that Galaxy Gear return rates at Best Buy are above 30%. Apparently the general public’s opinion is not so positive…

I’d be more interested to know the reason for the returns?

The last time I saw a returns issue with Best Buy was because people were buying Samsung tablets thinking they were getting an iPad.

Could this be that they are buying this watch and not having a Galaxy Note 3 to work with it? I have a suspicion that this is the reason for the high return rate.

@ Dave McLaughlin - That’s what I got from the article as well.