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Sample code for Chipworks dev kit


I bought some month ago a dev kit for chipworks. I recently updated it to SDK 4.1 and so had to erase every thing. I would like to reload the sample which came with the dev kit (i.e. the small guy running and jumping). Where can I find this code now?


You mean the GHI demo?

You can find it here:


Thanks, but this is not the demo I’m looking for. My request deals with a sort of arcade game with a tiny guy looking like Indiana Jones and jumping in an old temple in the forest. I have ChipworkX Developmeent System V1.2.
Do you see what I mean?


The demo you are talking about doesn’t ship from GHI. It is a project someone was working on to implement XNA game engine on NETMF. The implementation was too slow. There is a sample shooting game on the GHI graphical demo that run fast but it is not XNA…

…here is what you are looking for


You are right, the demo was not provided with the kit but was available under the project area before it was removed. The link you give is the basis but does not containt a real game. Too bad.


look at the link at the bottom to the source codes on codeplex


Thanks, it took a little work to port it to 4.1 but that’s OK. Thanks again.


MAybe add it to fezzer? :smiley: