Salvage laptop screen to use as a display

Would it be reasonably easy to use a laptop display as a display for a Cerbuino Bee? I am not sure what I mean by reasonably easy but laptop displays seem to be available. I have two old laptops at my house.

Screen size is too big to work effectively from a device like Cerbuino Bee.

@ Architect - Thank you for answering. Is there a screen size you would consider to be the limit?

@ Bill_Wyo - One way to set a limit is two be able to hold at least one bitmap of the display size in memory on the device. Full resolution ideal, but half can be acceptable too (see GameO).

@ Architect - Thank you and Andre. I understand and it makes sense.

Of course a LAPTOP is a perfectly legitimate display device for a Cerbuino-based application. Sending serial data or whatever you have to a PC app that is running the display. Think of it as a significant “graphics co-processor”. Not what you intended, no, but often workable.

Once you overcome the memory issue, the interfacing is the next one and almost all laptop displays these days use LVDS as the interface. The Newhaven displays being talked about on other posts are RGB and easy to hook up. LVDS will need additional drivers. Not difficult as TI have off the shelf IC’s to do this, but it has to be considered.