S-Plus and attaching a LED_Strip

I am using a FEZ Raptor, and have a pretty full suite of modules. I need to add SPI sockets. I see the SPlus module as a possible solution, but when I add it using the visual designer in VS2012 Pro, it does not seem to recognize that “H1” and H2" are spi ports.

Have I reached the point where I need to code this expansion manually?

I could not find any reference on how to use the S-Plus, nor could I find a schematic.

In Program.generted.vb I see
Me.sPlus = New GTM.GHIElectronics.SPlus(3, 18),
but I do not see a way to initialize a LED_Strip that I want to attach to the S-PLUS.

I am also trying to assign a Breakout_TB10 module to SPI function, and do not know how to do this in the designer view.

Help would be appreciated.

Looks like S-Plus module is missing the tutorial document. I would put that as a task on Tracker:


Why do you think the H ports on the Raptor supports the SPlus module? For the SPlus module you need an S port. The H ports also support I (I2C) but not S.

Thanks for the replies:

I see that the S-Plus is not intended to be used as an “S” type port, but I need to attach to SPI-based devices that I am building. It appears to me that the S-PLUS is a convenient way to attach to the pins present on an “S” port, and thus to the SPI bus.

I figure I can use one of the GPIO lines as the chip select, and I have routines for using Microsoft.Spot.SPI methods to interact with the device.

It is my intention to do this in a thread with locking when the port is being used, to prevent interaction with other SPI devices being used in other threads. Perhaps I should simply not tell Gadgeteer that an S-PLUS is present, and interact with it via the pin designators.

Sound right?

If this is workable, then it might be included in the tutorial.

Thanks again.

@ Architect - looks like it’s missing more than the tutorial - no schematic, no dimensions… slipped by me in the flurry of Aug SDK realease.

Is there any update on the S-Plus schematic being made available? I was hoping to abuse the S-Plus as an I-Plus but I need pin out info.

Then just use Pins 8 (data) & 9(clock). Do not add the module in the designer, just plug it into an I socket. You will not need the Y socket, unless you need to access the upper 4 pins on socket 2.

I will check the status of the upload of schematics.