S or I socket question/opinion

Trying to get an opinion before finalizing a design.

  • If you have a choice between S (SPI) or I (I2C) socket types for a module. Which one would be more preferable for you? Speed is not important for that module.
  • Would you like to have ability to do a small modification (add a couple of resistors, solder/cut a jumper) so you will be able to switch the type later?
  • Does it matter if socket is labeled S, even if you later modify the module to be an I? Or should be there a special labeling?

If speed really doesn’t matter then why not an X socket using SoftwareI2C? Because there are so few S & I sockets, I’d rather modules didn’t use them unless absolutely necessary.

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Good point.Thank you.

software I2C all the way…which is native and a lot faster than what you need for many modules.

Alright Software I2C it is. Thanks!