S-400 internal ethernet controller


Since we’re going to design a custom board for S-400 module for a specific application, we’d like to use module builtin ethernet controller + phy (Module pins 2,4,6,8, plus10,11 for leds).

How does “porting” code detect whether to use either ENC28-SPI-based or built-in controller?

What actually happens if both J11 magnetics and ENC28 spi module are connected at the same time?


You can connect both and use both, just like if you also have Wi-Fi

Use both at same time or alternatively (ENC28 or builtin)?

@ Gus : so there will be (eventually) two NetworkInterface istances enumerated (3 if using also wi-fi), right?

Is there anything special at user firmware level in order to enable a specific NetworkInterface for TCP socket operations?


Today you can use one or another but it is possible in the future that we may support using both simultaneously.

So at boot time we have to call:


This one or the ENC28 one if it is used.