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RWS-371 434 MHZ Receiver Module and many interrupts(from noise)



I have a RWS-371 434 MHZ Receiver Module and connect it to my Spider. with the following code i communicate with the receiver:

InterruptInput receiverInput;
var i=0;
GTM.GHIElectronics.Extender extender = new Extender(6);
 receiverInput = extender.SetupInterruptInput(GT.Socket.Pin.Three, GlitchFilterMode.Off,
// receiverInput.SynchronousUnsafeEventInvocation = true;
 receiverInput.Interrupt += new InterruptInput.InterruptEventHandler(ReceiverInterrupt);
private void ReceiverInterrupt(InterruptInput sender, bool value)

the interrupts are generated but after a minute the interrupts stops. i know the receiver receives a lot of noice so a lot of interupts are generated. can it be that the tiger is not fast enough to process these interupts? maybe anyone has done it before to write code to process the signals from the RWS-371?