Russian Meteor

Did anyone from Russia see this meteor?

What an experience (it must be). I feel sorry for all the people who got injured.

Check the power of the shock wave:


I know. Good thing this exploded up in the air as opposed to a ground impact.

Wouldn’t a ground impact have been better (for all but those very close to the impact)? I know that very large bombs are detonated in the air…

Very sad and very scary

Actually, I was just reading that if the explosion had been just a bit later, it would have been more like Tunguska, which would have been disastrous.

As for ground impact, I’m not so sure. I just watched this vid, which shows what a ping pong ball (very little mass) can do to a ping pong paddle at 900mph:


Now considering that the meteor was estimated at 7000 tons and traveling at 10s of thousands of MPH, I don’t want to think about what the crater would have looked like had it landed intact.

@ devhammer - I love the way it blows a hole through the paddle but then the sheet of cardboard a few inches back stops it :slight_smile:

Yes. I saw it on tv.

Did anyone saw on cars parking lots? When the fireball blasted, suddenly the cars on alarm system automatically turned on. You will see headlights flashing.

Why is that happened?


Shock wave hit all the cars and it triggered the alarms.

Absolutely! Mostly peoples didn’t noticed on parking lots.


Do not try at home … translation … I so gotta me build one

I guess it depends on whether it exploded (as does a bomb) or simply broke apart into pieces.