Runtime Loadable Procedures

I am looking to possibly leverage an existing C driver implementation for an LCD Display and was wondering where I could find out more detailed information about RLPs in .NETMF 4.1 and ChipworkX.

Did you look at the native namespace un the libs references?
Let us know if something is not clear

Also there is an example on Fezzer:

I did. My biggest concern is if this is even viable for a LCD Driver. The jump back and for between managed and non-managed for the display to function properly seems like it may create problems… Any thoughts?

Lets look at this from different perspective. Tell us what you are trying to so and we will tell you if it can be done and how.

RLP is perfect for LCD drivers if this is what you are trying to do…so tell us more please

Maybe its premature but I was concerned about other threads in my process that are running and need to be responsive (e.g a flow sensor) while I am writing info to the display.

If they run on interrupts then you wouldn’t have problem…This is a 200Mhz 32bit processor. I doubt flow sensors can be a problem :slight_smile: