Runs Blazor Server App

Received my amazon order today. My setup was about 8 minutes due to network speed when downloading the OS.

I was able to deploy a Blazor web application which runs pretty decently. Great job GHI!! Looking forward to see what I can do with this thing.

One thing that would be nice is the ability to publish a standalone runtime app. Maybe supported, but have not gotten the far in my testing.


Cool !! You are a lucky one :slight_smile: My board has not shipped yet and probably will take forever to get to Canada.


My order is was showing USA delivery on the 16th. I checked the current shipping when ordering and it was showing next day delivery.

I cancelled the first order and reordered. Now showing delivery tomorrow.

Not sure what is happening. Will know more tomorrow.

Sorry :disappointed:. Hope you are able to get it soon.

Something is very strange with the listing. We have contacted Amazon but they said all looks good on their end!!

I think something is not normal. I will communicate the status of my second order.

whoaa, great news

Second order is moving through Amazon shipping normally. Delivery today expected.

If you have a “suspended” order, you might want to cancel and reorder.


Holding hands with my wife at the beach so unable to play with new toy.

I checked with Amazon yesterday regarding my order. They gave me some story around the product having to move between different warehouses etc.

I tried to start a new order and the exchange rate and shipping was higher this time :frowning_face:

I will wait another week before cancelling and getting the money back. The excitement for the new toy is slowly diminishing !!

Quick update for anyone deploying an ASP.NET Core application to your endpoint device, you may need to override your builder code as follows:

var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(new WebApplicationOptions()
    Args = args,
    WebRootPath = "/root/.epdata/{app name goes here}/wwwroot/"

This is needed to serve your static files for when the debugger is attached. If you need to find the WebRootPath, you set a break point in the program.cs file while debugging and capture the path. You can then use that value for the WebRootPath.

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Can you make simple project and post to endpoint-samples/dotnet at master · ghi-electronics/endpoint-samples (

It opened to share with everybody

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Created PR for the Blazor sample.


Done, thanks.

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