Running Windows on my Intel Galileo

NOTE I don’t have a Galileo, but I am occasionally glancing over to see where Microsoft is going with the Galileo.

Do we have any specs on that version of Windows. What windows-family are we talking about?

EDIT:Tried downloading, but the link to the windows-distro is broken…
EDIT2: After accepting the “Microsoft Connect” EULA for the developer programme, it works…

Distribution is 170MB, interesting to hear what Galileo owners will experience.

Copy paste from github:

“Windows will take about 2 minutes to boot” :open_mouth:

for a IoT device… :whistle:

Does it support soft on/off?

IE, can it be put into a sleep state like a mobile phone or tablet and wake up when touched or the power button pressed.

I’ve been looking at the Riotboard because the price is cheap and it can run Android or Linux.

I’m still a bit in the dark what this Microsoft on the Galileo is all about. If you look at the code samples provided by that website it looks just very similiar to ordinary Arduino code and all just very simple stuff. Maybe I’m missing something important, but so far its not looking as exciting as I initially hoped this was going to be. Or maybe someone who knows a bit more about what this is all about can enlighten us all a bit?

The Galileo from the IoT Developer program is running a cut down version of my beloved Windows.

Currently you program the Galileo from VS2013 using C++ which uses a Wiring type library which as far as i can tell is meant to cough excite the Arduino Great Unwashed.

Since i have retired from Redmond i am not always in the loop but from what i have gleaned it appears the marketing hippies have had too much say in this rather than gurus like myself which is unfortunate as first impressions last.

Yes this is only the first spin but again the marketing hippies have got it wrong in my unbiased opinion. This board should be been running NETMF or a derivative as Windows is way over kill for the majority of embedded projects. Run Windows on larger devices and leave IoT to hardware and software that can leverage low power and low cost…

I have tried to see the positives from the Galileo i have received but unfortunately in it’s current guise i dont see where it fits into the ecosystem…

To me low power and small form factor running NETMF is far more exciting than Windows running on a board running hot enough to sauté onions…

Enough from me - i’m off to play with VS2014 and Gadgeteer :whistle:


Sorry for continuing OT, these 2 boards have piqued my interest:
It uses the same cpu as the RIoT, but there are options for 1x, 2x or 4x cores if you need more processing power. Plus it’s a SoM, so you can “easily” embed in your own solution.

They are using the EDM standard which is interesting for embedded mainboards. But it seems that they and 1 other company are the only ones currently using it.

If you want to stay ARM, there a few Snapdragon 600 SoMs out there (VAR-SOM-SD600 : Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 - Variscite) but surely they’ll be a bit more expensive.
So far the Max is only released in 2x core chips, but soon they are coming out with a 1x core that will be ~$50 less expensive. It’s a current gen Atom, so you can run all sorts of OSes on it.

Quite frankly a 1x Minnowboard with an Arduino “lure”, while more expensive, is a whole lot more attractive than a 1st gen Galileo.