Running discontinued modules on Cream

Hi all,

I have a full blown prototype up and running using a Raptor board, and I am working on a new prototype based on Win10 on an RPi2.

In addition to a number of supported gadgeteer modules, the system is using two Pulse InOut modules (discontinued) to run a dozen servos and four electronic speed controllers, two compass modules (discontinued) to keep everything pointed in the right direction, and one of Dominik’s “Button Extenders” to handle feedback from 6 switches.

I received the Fez Cream last week and am just starting to set everything up to start working with it.

Do I have a prayer of getting these “unsupported” modules working with Fez Cream on RPi2?

I have not written any drivers to this point, so I assume I will have to dig into that process. I don’t suppose there is a way to port the .net micro drivers over to use with Fez Cream at least as a starting point?

Any thought or help on how to proceed would be appreciated.


They should work. Nothing too complex and I am sure you are up to the challenge :slight_smile:

@ hvelo - it’s actually really easy to code drivers and chances are all you need to do is update an existing driver as you’ll likely find the source code for your module here