Run program from memory sd card

I have a Fez cobra & a small program …i want to give the program to someone who has another cobra (but no studio sdk)…can I just put the program on an SD card & give it to them to plug in?

or is there a simpler “loader” for them to load the program?

what’s the simplest way for them to run my program—they are not teckkies.

Get the application HEX using MFDeploy; have them load it with MFDeploy. That’s the simplest way.

Can you be more specific?

does the person with the new board need anything? Where do they get MF deploy? Is it something they jusyt install on theirPC? Or is it already built into the cobra board?

If I send them a hex file, what steps do they take to install the program on their cobra board? They do not have Studio, just a facrtory fresh cobra board–tht’s why I was wondering if I could put the file on an sd card and just have them ppllug it into their board.

You can do this(Look for in field update) but Cobra must have flashed custom bootloader, new Cobra do not have it so they can use MF Deploy(You get it when you install NETMF SDK) to flash it…

I tried doing a search for in field update, butt did not ssee any information or instructions.

We have 2 new boards (one is with a user who does not have studio and is a mechanical guy).

I have some software to send him that he needs to run on his board.

How can I get it from my PC & up and running on his board (other than have him set up studio on his pc).

Again, can the program be put on a memory card & sent to him?

If he already has the board with the program on it and that program doesn’t have IFU already enabled the very short answer is: no.

He needs to download the free version of studio and the netmf pack to get mfdeploy to update his device. Going forward you could use IFU. There are smaples all over the place for it.

The board I need to ship the program to is fresh from GHI…so it sounds like they need to install studio & I will have to explain how to use it.

Are there any instructions on using this IFU option? All I could find were comments about people having trouble with it. TMy understanding is that it will allow me to ship a file to be put on an SD card & then just pluggged into the board to auto load.

In Pyxis 2 you have great example how to do IFU…
Also in GHI Documentation:


i went to the GHI link your provided. I do not see any description or instructions for using the IFU, code for setting it up or any examples whatsoever…can you provide a working link?

I went to PYxIS2 site & it was a similar story…please let me know if I’m overlooking somethinhg.

Look better.
In GHI site:
GHIElectronics.NETMF.System -> SystemUpdate Class

On Pyxis2 Source:
Pyxis2Updater Project