Run on Boot Option

Under the Application menu of Endpoint Configuration program there is an enable run on boot item. This item must be selected for a program to run when the system is booted. But which program?

If you select the run on boot item on a fresh system, one where a program has never been deployed, you get an error message that the request did not succeed.

If a program has been deployed. You get a success message.

Let’s look at this sequence:

  1. Deploy Program A
  2. Select run on boot menu item in configuration program.
  3. reboot… Program A is running
  4. Deploy program B
  5. Reboot… What program is now running?

… Program A!

I am not sure of exactly what is happening, but it appears that program that was last deployed and running when the run on boot option was selected is kept on the SD and will continue to run on boot until another program is deployed and selected to run on boot.

My assumption had been that if you select the run on boot option the last deployed program is always run on boot. Do you believe it… I was wrong again. :slight_smile:

Do you think there is a use case for being able to have multiple processes(programs) start on boot?

It should run the last program you deployed.

That’s what I thought but that is not what I am seeing…

Then it could be a bug. We will check

I think the command marks the current deployed app name to run. Loading a new app doesn’t change the newer app.

Looks like we need a switchboard that lets a person select which program to run when it boots! Interesting…

Is it possible to select it from app ? For exemple, before reboot: Power.Reboot().


            var name = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Name;
            // Enable AutoRun():