Rubik's cube record broken


Insane. I love the look of this one.

me too. Seems like they don’t need the modified cube the other one we recently saw needed,

@ Brett - I dunno; either they modified the cube in the same way, or they’ve made the “fingers” that grip the middle piece thin enough to not interfere with the motion of the other pieces. It’s not clear which.

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Looks to me that it just grips the center cube.

It would be fun to watch one work on an unsolvable cube (with some of the color squares swapped)

Although, it would probably just result in an instant “algorithm error: not solvable state”, and not a star-trek-like “Error! Error! Please explain!” overload and smokey explosion.


It looks as if they did indeed modify it. If you look at about 9 seconds into the video and pause when you see the yellow square, you can see that they have notches in the black part of the plastic. It is not as obvious as the previously posted modified cube video.

Yeah, looks like they modified it. Still impressive, but much simpler from a mechanical engineering perspective when all you have to do is drive three stepper motors. Breaking the record will now only involve larger steppers and a faster CPU running the solver algorithm.

The machines are cool but I saw this guy fool Penn and Teller at the weekend. The cubes seem to be slightly modified as they move with very little friction but this is damned impressive slight of hand magic at work.


Uh impressive! But if I were to do something like this, I would have used springs or sort of magnets to bring cube at start position (solved), from whatever position with 0 friction rotations using ball bearings … :dance:

I would like someone to make a rubik’s cube with special dye for the colored squarews that can be changed via lasers or IR or some other invisible radiation, then have the cube instantaneously “solved” by radiating all the color squares into the default start pattern. Only you dont tell people how you are doing it, and just claim that the thing was solved by quantum computing in .000000001 seconds - too fast for the human eye to see the movement.

Sure, it would be a hoax, but it would drive the internet crazy.