RTIP or IwIP , that's the Problem


it’s about a whole week that im researching about
how to implement a software that based on a ARP and SNMP Protocol,

when i worked with .net mf and gadgeteer libraries there wasn’t any thing related to these two topics !

Both RTIP and IwIP supports ARP and SNMP ( referring to their websites! )

but how is this possible that .net mf don’t support these protocols ?

i have Fez Spider Starter Kit with all modules

which TCP/IP stack used on Fez Spider ? and is there any chanse to replace the TCP / IP Stack ?

any cool idea to gain access to ARP and SNMP is appreciated !

-sorry for my bad english

@ Alir3za - While the underlying firmware IP implementation will definitely support ARP, it is required to resolve IP addresses, the .NETMF libraries would not necessarily expose that functionality in the managed libraries.

Given that .NETMF is targeting devices with limited resources they need to be selected of what functionality is most useful to expose to application developers.

Now it is easy to say, well just take the firmware and expose it yourself, that is not a task that everyone is ready to tackle, but in this case I do not believe there is another solution if you want to use the ARP capabilities in LWIP.

I have purposely not mentioned SNMP, since it is not a core IP requirement I do not even know if the LWIP implementation in the firmware supports it. If it does, then the above stands, otherwise you have a far more interesting task.

thanks for your reply but it wasn’t the answer im looking for

SNMP is layer 7 of the OSI model. That is the application level. SNMP uses UDP.

A simple Google search of “snmp c#” will discover some open source implementations.

I belive the stack in use is LWIP