RTC Error on G120

I have made my PCB and the RTC is only 55 sec less ever minutes(60 sec).

May be there is an issue with the PCB track.

Is there a way to adjust the clock digitally by adjusting any register

Thanks for your time

@ microt -

Something wrong with your code, battery, or capacitors.

Cheating code is not good way in this case.


I tried this as per the LPC1788 manual.
It is not taking effect.
Can GPI look at this. I want to tune the RTC

            Register RTC_ENA = new Register(0x40024008);    //RTC Cal Enable
            RTC_ENA.Value = 0<<4 | 1<<0;

            Register RTC_CAL = new Register(0x40024040);    //RTC Cal Value: Slow 1 sec every 30 sec
            RTC_CAL.Value = 1<<17 | 30;

@ microt - Do you have datasheet for the crystal you have used and the capacitors?