Rtc delay

Hi friends

I am having problem with my USBIZI 144 RTC…

It´s is delaying…

Can you give me a hardware suggestion ?


Miguel Wisintainer

How do you know it is delaying? Can you make a test program and steps for us to try?

Have you connected Vbat to 3.3v or connected an external cell…

If you have an extenal cell make sure the voltage is ok (In situ ) this can cause upset…

Cheers Ian


I had connected. Looks that is a hardware problem, no software. Power tracks near the crystal or crystal too far the xin xout or capacitors with wrong values or track capacitance :frowning:

I will use a accuracy RTC IC until discover the problem,


What is the crystal value you used?


yes this is correct. How much error are you seeing?

too much Gus.

RealTimeClock.SetTime(new DateTime(2010, 10, 28, 10, 52, 45, 0));

and now is in my pc clock

2010/11/02, 13:40

and RTC is registering

2010/11/02 10:48:10


PS: i was bad layout that i did…:(, i think…

A ds3231 connected to USBIZI resolved my problem