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RSS on Forum


You guys thought about having an RSS attached to the forum.

I like reading through posts and having an hour commute each way to work would be nice to see the highlights when I am not driving on my mobile.

Just a suggestion.

Mike in MN


An RSS of all posts? or something specific?


I think he means an RSS feed of recent posts. Lots of other forums have this feature, too. You could just have an XML file that is written to every post, although the better solution is to have a PHP file that massages data out of the DB into XML.


Basically what Chris said, just an RSS feed of recent posts. I don’t know what platform you guys are using to run this board, but I have used SMF and PHPBB code based on the php language and RSS feed plugins are pretty easy to incorporate.

I am no website guru at all, but I believe they work like Chris said just extracting snippets off your database to run the feed.

Just a suggestion. It would be cool to see some highlights.

The great thing about RSS feeds is they are “light” code great for emails and mobiles.

Mike in MN


Yes RSS is great and I use it daily with many feeds but the sad news is that you can’t respond to posts using RSS, only view them. Also, one year from now, we will have 100 new posts daily (we hope) so would RSS be useful then?