RSS Feed broken?

I started getting some odd errors when Outlook tried to update the RSS feeds. Now I see the link is no longer working?



We have RSS? When did that happen??

The news on the main page, “What’s going on with FEZ?”, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


Aha! Josh?

When did we get RSS? Kewl

We have always had RSS from day 1. The RSS is for news on this website not on forum

Ah ok. And this news, is this pulled in from a blog website? Or does tinyclr have it’s own blog?

TinyCLR has it’s own blog and it’s own news ticker. The news ticker is on the home page, the bog is on blogspot. RSS was broken on the news page.

Ok. So a news ticker. Idea for the josh clone: news ticker with RSS :smiley:

That’s what we have, it’s just broken.

RSS will be fixed before anything news worthy appears.

Josh is funny. He who controls the post controls the need to fix.