I couldnt find any RS232 shield for cobra, should I need to make it ?

The cobra doesn’t accept standard arduino shields so there aren’t any offered on the cobra product page. My suggestion would be to order the cobra prototype kit which has a DB-9 Male connector and wire it up to one of the available 4 TTL level serial ports. If you need an RS-232 compatible serial port you’d have to use something along the lines of a MAX232 chip between the DB9 and the cobra’s serial port pins.

If someone has a better idea I’m sure they’ll pop in and answer!


You could also buy a USB <-> RS232 converter and plug it into Cobra USB port. Those converters are most often recognized as Prolific or FTDI devices and can be used as standard SerialPort from your code point of view (using USB_Host funcionality).

Ok. That was what I wanted to know. There is no RS232 shield. I can make it, its no problem, but it will increase a little the cost.

Thanks to all who answer.

My Cobra needs to only receive data via RS232 from a device. Can I use pin IO32/COM2RX on Cobra connected to the RS232 Shifter Board Kit ( Would I connect to the uc-TX or uc-RX wire? Since I want to receive, I’m guessing I would connect to the devices transmit uc-TX?

Once you enable COM then you automatically reserve 2 pins for TX and RX, even if you only need one of them

So I will be using both IO32/COM2RX and IO37/COM2TX when I open up COM2 and will not or should not use IO37 even if I don’t need COM2TX? Do I hook up the RX to the TX and the TX to the RX on the device from sparkfun?


If you do not need TX then you can leave it unconnected