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RS232 connection lost


We are doing our own board to support our application based on the ChipworkX developing board. To preserve all .net’s capability we do not intend to change any peripheral’s control line or signals.
We have detected that the pin 1 of IC10 (ST3222) named RS232_DISABLE is not connected to the ChipworkX module. I can not find the correspondent pin in the ChipworkX’s connector description (ChipworkX-DevSys sheet 1/3 at left).

Could You please to clarify this point?



Hi! I can only trace it to the Dev header pin 14, I think you need to leave this pin unconnected as its pulled low! Just double check the schematics…

Cheers Ian


Connect as in the schematics (if you are using the RS232). It is not connected to ChipworkX module. You can connect the pin VCC to disable RS232…


Thanks to Mike and IanR.

Once this pin is not connected to the module, my application can control it and save energy when the serial is not needed.

Issue is over

Thanks again and regards