RS232 and FEZ Spider II trouble

Hi everyone. I am Alex Pérez from Yucatán in México. I have a trouble with a rs232 module connected with a fez spider ii board. I use the rs232 module to communicate a mdb pay system. A coin and a bill acceptors.

I was using fez the spider i without troubles, but when i make the upgrade to the fez spider ii i lost the communication with the mdb system.

There exist any difference between the u type socket in the fez spider i and the same socket type in the fez spider ii?

There is a specific issues about the rs232 module connected with the fez spider ii?

I will appreciate all the help that you can give me. Thank you for your attention.

Hi, thanks for your response.

My project type is a gadgeteer project. I’m using three Breakout TB modules

A rs232 module

and a character display lcd

I’m using this product for communicate the mdb system:

The commands that i send to mdb device interface are very simple. I.e.

 buffer = {0x08}
_rs232.Write(buffer, 0, 1);

The settings for serial comm are the same in both boards.

I mean with “lost communication” that when i send a command in fez spider i to the mdb device, the response of the device is a “00” which means ACKNOWLEDGE.

I had the need to change to the fez spider ii board because the “fez spider i” has no disponibility. And literally, i changed the board in software taking care about the change of the type of socket number 6. But when i send any command to the mdb interface device, i’m receiving “ff” which means “no aknowledge” from the mdb interface device.

If i change to a fez spider i again, everything is ok.

Thank you again for your attention.

In the designer window, did you change the board type to a Spider II?

@ alx.prz - did you try to use a _rs232.flush(); command after the write command?

For the first time, i did, but the next time, i started a new project with the same results.

Yes, i did try, with the same results.

When i change to the fez spider i (with the software for the spider i) is everything ok.

Thank you everybody

To enable members of the forum to try your application on their boards, you should show more of your code (Declaration and initialization of the serial port, code of the sending class, etc. …).
Did you try to connect TX and RX of the RS232 module to see if the Spider can receive itself what it is sending?

Hi again.

I found a solution. Looking the software (for a pc) of the developer of the mdb interface device, there is a hardware control needed for the serial port.

I did changed the socket type (from U to K) and configured the rs232 module with

But i still using Fez Spider I in the socket U with rs232 module configuration


Thank you so much for your help.