RS21 throws error on scan, also firmware won't update

When I try to call the wifi.Interface.Scan() method I get
‘wifi.Interface.Scan()’ threw an exception of type ‘GHI.Premium.Net.NetworkInterfaceExtensionException’
base {System.Exception}: {GHI.Premium.Net.NetworkInterfaceExtensionException}
errorCode: 12
ErrorMsg: “”

So I looked up this error code:

Which suggests I update the firmware, however when I do that, i get:
errorCode: 16
ErrorMsg: “RS9110 firmware update failed: Time out”

So I am now stuck

@ Paul F. - Could you post your code for the WiFi module so that we may better assist you?

I have been in the same situation on a custom design, on what board is this, a standard GHI board, gadgeteer or a custom design?