RS21 lose IP address when another interface is set to the default interface

Hi all,

I using a FEZ Coba II (net) board together with a RS21 wifi module. In my code I init and configure the RS21 module in an Ad-Hoc mode. The onboard ENC28 module will be configured after the RS21 module. Up to this stage all works fine. I can ping the both interfaces and I’m able to use the interfaces in the sockets classes.

Unfortunately the default interface is the RS21. In my case I must use the ENC28 interface as the default interface to send requests to the internet.

When I use the NetworkInterfaceExtension.AssignNetworkingStackTo Method to make the ENC28 module to the default interface, I’m able to route requests into the internet, but the RS21 will be lose his IP address (reset to and the interface is not any more activated (IsActive = false). An reconfiguration of the IP address from the RS21 doesn’t help too.

Any ideas?

How I can set the default interface without deactivate the RS21 module to the ENC28 module?

Thanks in advance


@ olivero - At the present time, only one active network interface is supported. Not sure how you are able to ping both interfaces.