RS Transceiver Click Module Driver

Does anyone have a driver for the RS Transceiver Click module? I’ve just started trying to port the source code over but if anyone has a working driver it would save me the headache. lol

Why is a driver needed for the RS Transceiver Module?. It is a level converter.

You would need a driver for the devices communicating over the RS bus.

Hi Mike
The RS Transceiver does more than level convert as it can do RS485,422 & 232. It’s based on the MaxLinear XR34350 but has this requires more I/O than is available on the Click socket there’s also a TCA9536 I2C I/O expander.

I’ve now got the bare bones done and am about to start testing. Unfortunatly I seem to have lost the leads for my signal analyser so it might be a while. :rofl:

Ah… a driver is needed to configure the level converter! :slight_smile:

It would appear that the only driver you need to develop is one to control the TCA9536 and set the appropriate bits to set the required function of the XR34350 that you need.

Should be simple enough with the I2C drivers of TinyCLR.

Hi Dave - Yeah it does appears to be a simple module. I’ve currently got it working on RS232 and hope to test it fully over the next few days.

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