RS-232 port not present on dev boards

On the G120 dev board, you exposed an RS232 port. What do you suggest for these new boards? I don’t immediately see an easy way to do this. I have some old RS232 shields, so I can make it work, but wanted to see if you had a plan.

USB Host CDC with appropriate cable?

While I have used them before with the G120 (Cobra III) a while back (and it worked great getting data from a computer to the device), I am not keen on provisioning that on my boards. The goal is to test the hardware USARTs, not the USB host (I have other things that use it!).

Is this what you need? RS232 click - features a standard RS232 DB9 port and a MAX3232 IC

Plus both dev boards give you a virtual serial port through USB to serial bridge.

We have thought well when we designed the new boards :nerd_face:

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks!

RS232 clicks came today and my pumps are up and running.

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Pumps? Say more please!

My product is used in the biopharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, and academic research fields to prepare samples of proteins for analysis via various methods. The platform is robotic and uses 3 syringe pumps and some valves to control the system. I’ll try to get a video uploaded to youtube of the system running and post it back here so you can see what your processors can do!

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Very nice. @Greg_Norris I am sure you know what I want :grin:

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similiar robot for BEER … :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Don’t worry, the head on this robot can use different tools, including a gripper, and the white stack of drawers is thermostated at 4C. More than capable of getting you a beer!