RPi2, Wifi, and a Startup app

Not a major concern right now, but I’m looking ahead.

I have my RPi2, and I just got the wifi dongle. In debug mode I can run the default app to setup wifi, and then I can start debugging my Cream app, which uses the setting established by the default app.

That’s fine while this is sitting on my desk, but does anyone have some insight into how this would be accomplished with a deployed app? Is there code to configure wifi from within a startup app?

You forgot to tell us which OS you are using. Win10 or Linux?

Either way, the answer is ‘yes’. The most common onboarding procedure is to put your Wifi into AP mode with a recognizable SSID (random prefix, well-known suffix, for instance). Your setup program can search for that SSID and provide a configuration interface either through a REST api or web interface. Once configured, the RPI can drop the AP mode and go into client mode and connect to your wifi infrastructure.

Similar mechanisms are used by ChromeCast and the AllJoyn Onboarding Service. Variations on the theme usually involve more automation and/or security infrastructure.

Oh I’ll have a screen, and I’ll be using Win10, just mainly wondering what the wifi calls look like.

Ah - a screen - well that is nearly cheating :smiley:
For wifi samples, look for the “Networking” section here : GitHub - microsoft/Windows-universal-samples: API samples for the Universal Windows Platform.

What screen are you using for RPI if I may ask ?

I’ve got somewhat of an issue getting the new 7" up and running.

I don’t have one yet, at this point I’m watching and waiting for how things develop with the official 7" screen.

@ Squeebee - Well, I’ve got it (the new 7") running for raspian, works nice. Resolution Is only 800*480. Applied the obligatory update/upgrade, did a poweroff and inserted the win-iot only to find out it is and stays … black … :wall:

Help us Pete Brown Kenobi, you’re our only hope…

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@ Andre - It was mentioned that win-iot would pick up the display as just another HDMI, so no, didn’t change it, but the thought has crossed my mind too. Already had to change it to enforce HDMI.

Any suggestion what to change exactly ?

@ andre.m - you are aware we are talking about a DSI connected display and NOT an HDMI connected one ?

The display isn’t supported by Win10 IoT core yet. It’s on the list of things they’re working on.

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Bummer … :wall:

[url]new raspberry pi 7" touchscreen display on windows10 iot

Well, my hopes are on october 6th … [url]http://www.microsoft.com/october2015event/en-us[/url]

You beat me by some seconds there, Brett …