Rotary Encoder

I’ve seen a lot of PDF about .NET Gadgeteer while searching the web over the last few months. A very interesting module I’ve seen is the rotary encoder:

Page 12: [url][/url]
Another picture: [url][/url]

Is GHI planning on offering such a module? Would be a nice addition to my “internet radio streamer with OLED display” dream.

I have one in the works as well. It is inspired by Sparkfun’s breakout and will look similar to this:

Not only that, there is exactly 48 modules coming in the near future, yes 48 … And the list is still growing :slight_smile:

48! :o

I better hold off my order in that case! ;D

48 modules?!?! Wow, you’re really pushing that new production line to the max.

But I’m not sure if it’s good news… It will be harder to keep myself under control and not buying new modules every week (and keep my wife happy too).

@ Architect: Do I see LED’s around the dial?

Yes, it is a led ring. It is going to be a very nice module. Open source and everything.

Very FONCY, Architect! Will you be selling them or will it be up to everyone to build their own based on open source designs?

48 more modules!!! Can someone give me a loan?

@ Ian,

I’m not sure which I’ll need more of…money, or the time to play with all the new toys?

For sure. Lack of time is probably the only thing that keeps me out of the poor house :slight_smile: