Rookie In Need Of Some Help

So…purchased the FEZ Cobra OEM Box 3.5" display. The concept was to go through the tutorial and learn the product to see if there is an application for a TFT interface to one of our Temperature Controllers. Things were going along well until we got to section 8 Digital Input and Output. It appears that the tutorial is written for FEZ Domino, not FEZ Cobra. As such, we cannot get the sample code to run in our box. Is there a tutorial for the FEZ Cobra? Alternately, is there a document that we should review to convert from FEZ Domino to FEZ Cobra? All we want to do is blink the LED…THanks for any help that you may provide…

If you want to actually blink the LED - start a new project using Visual Studio and Select the FEZ cobra console application project template.

Edit the project properties to use USB transport and select EMX_EMX, connect your Cobra and run the project.

You can continue to use code from a Domino project, just make sure that you use the correct Pin names for the Cobra using FEZCobra_GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ.dll

Look through the tutorials at

Using code examples from Domino on the Cobra should be easy.

Thanks so very much… We are rolling again…And, we earned the title of “Rookie”…