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Rolling out the Windows Developer Program for IoT


"We’ve already seen an overwhelming amount of interest in Windows for IoT. As a result, we will not be able to ship this initial developer kit to everyone who signs up. "

Probably means the Great Unwashed in Europe will miss out…

Personally i think a Galileo is over kill for alot of IoT solutions…


With the overwhelming amount of interest (non-related websites have been advertising and encouraging people to sign up to get a free Galileo), but shipping a few hundred kits per week looks like a significant number of program participants will be disappointed.

I also personally think Windows on a Intel Galileo is over kill for a signficant number of IoT solutions but if they work, reliable and are well supported why not.

One down side is I see with deploying “os” boards is security issues and fixing vulnerabilities with the OS.


At least I can say that the developer board is difficult to run off battery power! Which narrows the IoT apllication field. Not sure about the Edison, time will tell…