Rolling back Spider firmware to NETMF 4.1

I misread the installation instructions and put the 4.2 assemblies on my FEZ Spider, which is a problem becuase a) VC# keeps replacing the 4.2 assembly in the project with 4.1 no matter how hard I try and b) 4.2 apparently doesn’t support the Wifi module yet. Running the older 4.1 firmware updater doesn’t appear to be replacing the assemblies, could someone provide instructions on how to manually get the 4.1.2821 assemblies loaded? The manual update wiki page didn’t make a lot of sense, it seems to be referring to some buttons that don’t exist on my board…

Did you set in project setting that you are building 4.2 application. It should work.

You will need to use latest Updater, but point it to 4.1 firmware. See thread about Hydra downgrading from @ Skewworks

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I’ve been able to load the 4.1 firmware by using the newer updater, but VC# hangs trying to deploy assemblies and MFDeploy gets “Not Supported” when requesting Device Capabilities so something’s wrong. I’ve managed to get 4.2 working after reinstalling everything but VC# and a few cold boots and it’ll successfully deploy, but if RS21 isn’t supported as I read somewhere then I’m still up a creek.

Remember that if you have 4.1 and 4.2 SDKs installed, and you have firmware of one of those versions, each project needs to target the version that matches your firmware. Otherwise you get weird things going on.

If you need wifi, then you must move back to 4.1. Do you have the 4.1 SDK installed?

Step 1. Find MFDeploy and find out device capabilities. If you can’t do that you’re in trouble - have you searched for both a 4.1 and 4.2 MFDeploy?
Step 2. Deploy 4.1 firmware.
Step 3. Create NEW PROJECT (not use an existing one) and deploy it and confirm it works. Any old projects need to be created again (copy code over) or you need to rip out all references and re-add to be sure you have teh right versions in the project (it caches them)

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Loading 4.1 firmware with the 4.2 updater and uninstalling the 4.2 SDK looks to have done the trick. Thanks guys.