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Robots can dance too



My school bought 2 of those lately ;D
One good thing is that one teacher is currently borrowing my cobra to investigate it’s power. :whistle:


I would not sleep that well, knowing another one is wasting flash-write-cycles of my cobra :slight_smile:


Haha that’s not bad. He is very careful with it and he is an electronics expert.
It’s in good hands :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe my school will finally invest in NETMF after seeing it’s power.
They were planning on buying arduinos… ::slight_smile: :o


Anyway, Cobras are has been.
Raptor rules :whistle:

PS : any delivery date scheduled ?


This is something I’ve actually worried about! Does the internal flash do wear-leveling? What sort of longevity should I expect?


I don’t think the internal flash does wear-leveling… But I might be wrong.

A NAND flash typically takes 100K write cycles. So at 10 cycles a day, you’re good for 27 yrs :wink: