Robotic Rat

Thanks to all with tips on getting the sonic range sensor working.

I’ve now created my first ever gadgeteer project - a robotic rat !!

Now to add the weapons systems :slight_smile:


@ ChimpBrain - Nice 1 fella :slight_smile:

Love it :slight_smile:

Very cool!

Cool glad you got it working, I did the same thing but I have a different range sensor on mine. Also found the Magic Chassis struggled on my carpets so I have upgraded to a tracked chassis


Looks like kids enjoy it a lot! :smiley: Good job!

Very nice. My first project .NETMF was also an autonomous obstacle avoidance bot.

What’s on the breadboard? Just the Extender to connect the sonar to the mainboard?

@ mhectorgato - There is a second extender which I had hooked up to a wii nunchuck (worked pretty well).

I plan to add some line sensors and turn it into a sumo bot.

Very nice, here it is

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Very cool! Good job.