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Robot kits are invading GHI


A whole army of FEZ Mini Robot Kit have invaded GHI…help help!


Save the children!!!

Hahaha super cool! Robots robots robots :dance:


Hahaha, holy crap, are you going to make a robot soccer army or something?

Also, RWAR begs to differ (except for he’s being programmed right, now, but whatever):


It must be such fun working there :slight_smile:


It must be heaven! :smiley:

Chris, I like the body of your car. How much did you pay for it?


Hahah, the body was $200, but the car was free…

Sooner or later I’ll have a plexi body. For now, that works.


Sorry I meant the chassis :smiley:
$200 is pretty much, but it looks very solid :wink:


Oh, I thought you meant the cardboard top lol…

It is very solid, although I did have to preload the shocks quite a bit to be able to deal with the load of the electronics.



Wow that looks dilicious! I was told my RC is comming tomorrow. cannt wait to open it.


In that case, I’ll have updated drivers all ready for you tonight ;D


With that robot army you’ve got there GHI, I hope you’re not planning to take over the world? I mean, that’s my plan; and you can’t have it ;D


Actually, Kurt, I believe that’s Pinky and the Brain’s plan. Man, I really miss the cartoons of the 90’s…

At any rate, @ Hai, I’ll have the driver up within the hour. Testing completed successfully and I am now working on making some example code. I’ll also make a wiring diagram.


I miss them too. I have GOT to download them to watch them again ::slight_smile:

Do you both work on the same project? (same car?)


Yeah, Hai bought his car almost immediately after I bought mine. We both have Traxxas Stampede XL-5’s in A6 Blue. His should be delivered today!


sorry for interrupting :slight_smile:

For what is that army made ?


I want to know, too, but they haven’t said. I think it’s a secret ;D


Maybe we all get a GHI robot to take care of or FEZ boards and hug them when we are not at home :smiley: