Robot Battery Suggestions

I ahve a robot comming in the mail and need to get batteries and a charger. I have no experience with 3.7 v batteries. Can someone steer me towards a recommended brand of battery and charger.


DaddyOh aka Eric

I usually just go Amazon and pick something with good reviews

This is the one I just recently bought for my mBot. So far, so good…

depends how big the robot is? if you need performance and lightness these are mental, and weight only 20g

also this works great if you can create a custom board to house them, that’s usually done if you need 12V power or if you want more amps


The only thing I would say about 18650’s is that you sometimes get failures (non-catastrophic) so make sure you order more than you need… plus, as a sealed unit, you are probably more protected than any other forms, but I’d still keep an open mind about weight-to-power ratio, items like this one are likely to be lighter if that becomes important… (not suggesting that particular battery as an alternative, its just an option)