RN171 under Micro Framework 4.1

Does anyone know how to make the RN171 module run under 4.1?
It seems to have only drivers for 4.2
My problem is that I can’t switch to 4.2 because of: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=5815&page=2#msg137184

I’m willing to adapt the 4.2 driver to 4.1 but only if no one did it already and if it’s even possible (does the 4.2 driver use some fancy new 4.2 features?)

I’m at the beginning of a school project where Gadgeteer is given because the profs where sure it would all work as a breeze (I believe they didn’t test it, they just watched some videos about it).
I’m not unhappy with Gadgeteer but I have to be sure it will all work (all components together). Otherwise I have to tell them within the next week or two that we have to switch the platform.
If I play it slow now and recognize the problems in four or five weeks, it’s too late…

You nailed it!