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RLP - rlp FFT


[title]rlp FFT[/title]
Fast fourier transformation, max readable frequency 5000 Hz.


Great. The first FFT project on codeshare. Thanks for sharing. I will sure sure this in future.


Can you tell us more about what the code exactly does? Guessing from reading the source, I would say ReadAudio returns the peak frequency.

Can you time how long a single call to ReadAudio takes? (you can use Environment.TickCount for time measurement)


Windowing function represents Hamming window over sampling data. Fft function receives two arrays as parameters. First is array of sampled real values and second is empty imaginary array. Result is one array with combined values derived with Cooley–Tukey algorithm. GetFundamental function is the simplest, it computes dominant frequency using index of largest element and sampling frequency. I will measure time needed for one call realisation when I find time. I’m also curious. But I’m bit preoccupied right now. …