RLP newbie question

Hi everybody

I wonder if somebody can point me into an easy primer on RLP. (If there is such a thing).

I know I will need the Keil system, a JTAG adapter…

But where is the “how to” documentation?

How does an interupt on RLP report back to the .Net mother ship?

How do I get a data that was saved into an array for instance…

Any pointer would be great.

Part 2: Is it possible to reverse engineer .Net code with the JTAG adapter for instance and then load the (adapted) routines via RLP.

Thanks a lot.

Have you seen the tutorial by GHI?

Edit: There are 2 good tutorials here:


no sure how I missed that.

You are welcome!

It is easy to miss. GHI folks have mentioned that they improving documentation and support aspects of the site, so we should see some improvements in that area.