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RLP Me Gus!



After talking w/ Chris I’ve got the final list of requirements for the first beta of Pyxis2/Netby and it will be release very soon, like next week. What we are seeing though is a bit of slowness on the GUI which I’m attributing to no matter how much optimization I do when I update part of the screen I’m still pushing out a full bitmap, I think w/ RLP I can speed things up considerably; especially if you let me look at that code for video on ChipworkX.

I know there’s NDA stuff involved and what I was thinking was give the user 2 options. Either they can use WPF for rendering and have it fully open source or they can plug-in a closed-source DLL that does rendering w/ RPL. That should protect you and give Pyxis2/Netby the speed it needs.

What do you think?

EDIT: looked at the chipworkx code; bit hard to run through at first glance. All I need is the ability to set a specific pixel to a color. Fron there I have it covered. Line drawing, fills, ellipses, etc


Hi Gus and Ske,

I was also about to post a topic on these same lines. I need access to RLP for other things besides Pyxis. Can you explain the application process for getting access to RLP?


We all know WPF on NETMF is extremely slow. I might suggest using WPF for Touch (x and y coordinates) and draw/flush directly to a bitmap which is fast.


Hi Josh,

I guess we could bundle that solution u into a library and test it. what do you think, Ske? If we make the interface neat enough we might even be able to get away with cleaner code.

The only issue with that is that right now, all of the UIElemembets are in code, not image form.


That’s what I am doing actually, sorry if that didn’t come across in my first post.


We want to make RLP more open but without contaminating the tight security of EMX so RLP now is only open to companies who MUST have it. This is going to slightly change in the next week so stay tuned.


Perfect timing Gus!

For now I’ll just optimize best I can, should be plenty good for an initial beta.


oh! that should have said…in the next weeks not week! :slight_smile: sorry!

We are working on in-filed update now…which you will love!


Awesome, I have been waiting for IFU! Now, I don’t need to take my Cobra apart to update it! (Well, one more time to get the IFU update installed :))