RLP for Usbizi

In the file [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/src/RLP_User.zip[/url] the folder for Usbzi is missing. Are the EMX and Usbzi files one in the same?

We no longer support USBizi’s RLP since there is no unlock code for RLP anymore.

So now I’m forced to upgrade to a G120 module, to move forward. Not fair but perhaps it’s for the best.

I wish you guys still support USBizi. I am not ready to throw away all the USBizi boards I have invested in.

The SDK is available and you can still use it indefinitely. If you have RLP unlocked in the past then you can still use it today but if you have a new device then there is no way to unlock RLP anymore.

You will get MUCH more resources for little more money. Try to compare and see.

Gus, do you mean there is no need to unlock?

I assume he means they threw away the code/system that generated the unlock codes.