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RLP Example Make Failure


I started experimenting with RLP process. The first thing I did was install the Yagarto tool suite as explained in the fine document “Getting started with GHI RLP”. Everything was successful.

I then unzipped the GHI RLP examples, opened a command window, changed to the appropriate directory and ran make. The make process reported an error “Command not found”. The attached screenshot shows the results.

I then executed “arm-none-eabi-gcc --version” from the command prompt and got the expected results (also shown in the screenshot) so I know the PATH is properly set.

Any suggestions as to what is causing the make error?



The gcc compiler is not added to your system path. Reinstall yagarto or add the path manually


Hi Gus,

Attached is a screenshot of my path. As you can see c:\yagarto\bin is there and “arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe” is in the c:\yagarto\bin directory.



I followed this guide with success:

I remember the guide also says something about avoiding spaces in directory/filenames


The path your building in has a space in it. That is not allowed.


Good catch Jeff, thanks :slight_smile:


I changed the path where the example make file is installed to “C:\downloads\GIH_TinyCLR\RLP_User\EMX\RLP_Starter_Example\Native” which has no spaces. Same error.

I then changed the Makefile definition of CC and LD as follows:

CC =c:/yagarto/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc
LD =c:/yagarto/bin/arm-none-eabi-gcc

The make then works as expected without errors. Since “c:\yagarto\bin” is part of my path I have no idea what’s wrong :frowning:



Skip everything, open command prompt and enter “arm-none-eabi-gcc”. If you get error then your problem is not related to RLP, but in windows/GCC setup.


Hi Gus,

I didn’t mean to imply there was a problem related to RLP specifically :’(

I did as you asked and got the resposne “No input files”. I also entered arm-none-eabi-gcc --version and got the response " 4.5.2"…

Im sure this problem is Windows/GCC setup related but I haven’t figured out exactly what the probelm is yet.



opps, that is not what I mean, sorry. I am only trying to narrow down the problem to help you/us find the fix