RLP events on Panda

I’ve just tested RLP on Panda and its working as expected.

However I couldnt find on the documentation how to use the event handler.

What I’m trying to do is the following:
Collect samples at 1Khz from AD put them on a Queue and after getting 50 samples generate an event on C# side to read those samples and send them via USB CDC to host.

I do not know if this is the best aproach.

Another posible solution would be having the C# checking the queue size and read 50 when there is 50 or more items on queue… But this will be wasting time on checking the queue size on the C# thread…

I suppose the 1st. aproach is better but dont know how to use event handler. What do you think ?

By the way thank GHI for letting me test this SDK without having enough experience points.

I would think definately #1 as well. But have not looked into RLP. I have been resisting looking at gcc again. To many *nix memories and dreaming of failed production cron jobs.

Check out this forum thread

He has an interrupt handler in use.

Cheers Ian

IanR, I’ve just succesed in hooking an interrupt (And it is extremly easy), but I need to generate a C# event from native code, to notify .NETMF to do something.

There is a function in RLPext:

[quote]PostManagedEvent void PostManagedEvent(unsigned int data) Queues a managed event to be sent to RLPEvent (not sent immediately).
data: User supplied data. [/quote]

And the event named RLPEvent

Not sure if it can help you, but from name it seems just what you are looking for.

Rimvis is correct.
Sample data in a native task that it schedules itself automatically.
Then at 50 samples or so, call PostMangedEvent(some number up to you).
Then in managed code event you have to call RLP with a “Read the current buffer(byte[])”…etc

I didnt understand how to hook the event on C#. I do understand know, just to be sure this is the proper way right ?

            RLP.RLPEvent += new RLPEventHandler(myHandler);

Sorry I mean now not know in the previous post. The modify button is not working for me right now, i think this is due to the site being upgraded…

You can edit your messages and correct any typos. :wink:


It wasnt working the modify button earlier, at least in my machine.

Now it works again. Thanks.

By the way, does anyone knows how to include the elf as a linked resource not embedded ?

Becasue if I click the add file and chose the elf, I need to erase and include it again every time I change the elf. Its very tedious.

I’ve been succesfull in comunicating between C# and native using events and sending a byte array to Native side and return data.

Now i only have to manage to get adc working on native side.

Thanks to all who answer. I will put the whole project on fezzer after finished.