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Rise Up for copter dance


Love these guys and their copters
Even like the sound track. How much fun would that be to research there. Think I will drink a bottle of Jameson tonight and dance to this. :slight_smile:


I keep waiting for one of them to fly out of control out of one of the 4 gaps in the net…


Ahh Chris, you are one of those arn’t you…

Keep waiting for the machine to escape the bounds of the man and wage war for control of this planet…

Never really thought about it myself though…


Not that I really [italic]want[/italic] the planet to be taken over by robots, but if they [italic]were[/italic] going to take over, I’d[italic] rather[/italic] that they’d be quadcopters.

Besides, they might have mercy on me, I’m responsible for[italic] at least[/italic] 2 of them being built.


Nice video!