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Are there any plans on releasing a JetBrains Rider plugin for TinyCLR?

I’ve been doing most of my C# work in Rider lately, it just feels so much better than VS. Can be a huge time saver and the code analysis just goes much much deeper than VS.

They do have the resharper extension for VS, which does almost the same as rider does, but that one can be a huge performance bottleneck…

I understand there probably isn’t much commercial reason to do this and I don’t know how much work it would be to port. Is the tinyclr extension open source? Because then maybe we as community can do it ourselves.

No current plans but will visit in the future

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Any update on this so far?

Why that and not others? We haven’t received any similar requests. I personally didn’t even know about it till you pointed it out! Why not Visual Studio Code for example?

Because I find JetBrains Rider superior in code completion, code prettieness and formatting.

I have been using Jetbrains visual studio extension ReSharper and it does a lot of the stuff Rider does, but it’s so slow sometimes.

If you want to see what Rider is like, try the JetBrains ReSharper trial for a few days. Code imports, naming conventions and more are done for you in a way you wish you had it years ago! :slight_smile:

I trust what you say but it is not up to me personally. It is about what are the common requests from users.

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The slowdowns with the VS extension seems to me with project’s of large size, do you see slow downs with your typical tinyclr projects? If so in what areas?

I am working in 2 big tinyclr solutions on a day to day basis.

Most of the slowness is startup and sometimes code completion is too late and I already finished the line of code myself :slight_smile:

Smaller project tend to have the latter issue less, but startup times can be long.

Then I have your answer. Simply don’t shut your projects down, no startup penalty… I tend to keep mine up for weeks at a time…

Though your solutions must be unusually large for an embedded system, no?
Certainly I’ve seen the delayed intellisense issue but it’s rare. I though consider my solutions small after working in a multinational corporate development environment where everything and the sink gets included.