Rhino not recognized


I’ve just received my Rhino and was going to have some fun…

When I connected the board for the first time I saw some messages fly by. “New device” and something “USBizi”. I wasn’t promted for any drivers. I’ve installed the GHI SDK then and tried to ping using MFDeploy - no joy. There’s no USBizi or something the like listed and no answer from the board. Device manager does not indicate problems.

Being a Linux user for 15+ years I’m lost in Win XP. :-[

VCS 2010
.NET Microframework 4.1 were installed already (Netduino is working)
Rhino V1.0

Drivers from the SDK were NOT installed, how can I without being prompted ?

You can try to force the driver installation. On this page http://www.tinyclr.com/dl/ you will see a driver installer for 32-bit and 64bit, download the correct one depending on your windows (32 or 64 bit) and run the installer…now plug in FEZ Rhino and it should work.

What noise does windows make when you plug FEZ to the PC?

Also connect your FEZ directly to the PC, not through a HUB.

The sounds of running fans, there are no speakers connected. :slight_smile:

That’s it, running fine now. Hmm, don’t like crawling on the floor…